Business Development


The right sales strategy is imperative for your business. Business development goes through different channels and knowing how to use them can take time and vision. What matters is how you act within each channels.


Sales, Business Development & CRM

Organize your business, tools and teams to get the most out of your sales efforts.

  • CRM setup
  • Client acquisition & retention
  • Funnel management and strategy
  • Negotiation help
  • Tools and strategy

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Measurement to optimize your performance

Not sure how your are performing , what needs to be improved, changed or increased? An audit might be the answer for you. Outside vision and help can be very beneficial when we are too close from the situation. Audits are delivered according to your objectives and current situation. A complete assessment will be delivered and explained. A strategy to achieve your objectives will be provided.

Follow ups are suggested after an audit in order to maintain the efforts put in place.

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Consultation & Training

On site or virtual

Training (one-on-one or group), personalized support according to your objectives.

Each member of your team learns in their own way, a personalized strategy may be the best solution. You might just be one inch away from finding the right strategy for your business…but you might be unable to see it!

  • One-on-one personalized training
  • Group and team training
  • Micro-change and tweaks for better performances
  • Strategic support

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